About Us

Our history

Paul Silence start off as a brand that wants to highlight how the passion, the experience and the dedication of few people inside a small workshop reflects the tradition of Montegranaro for the craftsmanship. This is a territory were initiative, creativity and the know-how is a custom and part of everyone’s life. Characteristics that contribute to make great and sought-after the Made in Italy in the World.
Paul Silence grows in a family environment where everyone feels proud of being an artisan. Where every single member takes part in the creation of the product, covering multiple tasks until the final realisation. The raw materials are natural and source materials, that can be processed and modelled in infinite combinations to create a unique look, contemporary and conceptual.
Paul Silence: A product 100% Made in Italy, handcrafted and conceptualised. Made of tradition, history and passion.


Paul Silence’s ambition has never been the maximization of the product. Our production is in fact always been limited to about 50 pairs a day. Precisely because of that, to this day we can still utilize antique processing techniques. Techniques that are nowadays ever more rare because of their scarce propention to work well in an industrialized environment, where the manufactured product would invariably loose his (high) quality and the production wouldn’t be able to reach the high volume that the big industry needs to conquer the global market.
We are talking mainly of processing techniques like Blake Rapid, Goodyear, Ideal and Sacchetto. The know-how of those techniques is tresured in the hands of our master artisan that to this day pass down the knowledge of this art. A noble art, essence of the most traditional and valued handicraft. Our products have nothing to hide both inside and out where raw materials like leather (skins and ‘’cuoio’’) and cotton protect our feet in the best and more natural way possible. The fussbet on the inside where our feet lay is removable and realized with an antibacterial and scented material.